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Website development is one of the most important broad terms in the IT field as the success of the online business. It is the most important technologies in IT terms and serves as a backbone of all. HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language. It is used to create static websites.IT Desk is the best training institute in Jaipur for Web Designing. In today’s world, each and every company needs a website for business promotion. IT DESK is the only place in Jaipur to develop the live project-based


 IT Desk is one of the best PHP training institute in Jaipur. We provide live project based training by our expert faculty. Our modules are design and developed to cover all the minor and major concepts of PHP including Frameworks according to the current demand in market.   In our course module we cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, and Database & Complete PHP with OOPS Concept including books and e-books. We are working in PHP Training as well as Development.   Our main moto
  C is a basic programming language. It is used to create computer programs. IT DESK is the best training institute in Jaipur for C programming. C is used to develop the Console Application.C Language Course main objective for the student to develop primary programming language skills up to the good end in order solve the many different programming logics. Our expert trainer convert  student into a corporate sector.IT DESK provides the practical based learning. IT DESK covers the all advan
ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP.NET is used to develop the Web Application. In .NET technology ITDESK covers the C#, Windows Application Development, WPF, WCF, Windows 8 APP Development and ASP.NET with MVC. Every year we launches the job oriented project based specific module in ASP for Engineering and MCA students. ITDESK also offers the weekend classes for working professionals. ITDESK covers the all major topics in ASP.NET like AJAX, LINQ, and MVC etc.    


ITDESK offers the live project based training on Html and CSS. CSS Stands for Cascading Style Sheet basically used to format (style) the HTML document. In web designing course ITDESK covers the HTML 5 including CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and Bootstrap. ITDESK is only the institute which covers the all advance level topics of CSS. ITDESK offers the international certifications on Web Designing including CSS. Course Modules     Introduction to CSS Types of CSS C
JavaScript is a client-side scripting language basically we use javascript to provide validation on client-side. ITDESK is one of the best javascript training institute in jaipur. Course Modules Introduction to JavaScript Identifying the benifiets of Javascript Using Variables, Operators, and Control Structures Javascript Objects Javascript Browser Objects Creating Dynamic Web Pages Javascript Document Object Model Java Script Events and Validation  NodeJS ITDESK offers NODE JS trai
Jquery is a library of Javascript and it simplifies the javascript programming. IT is a platform-independent. ITDESK offers the training on Jquey with HTML5 Course Module Introduction to JQuery Jquery Effects Working with Jquery UI Jquery Selectors Jquery Ajax Jquery Widgets Jquey Plugins Handling Events
ITDESK offers the project based training in Python technology. We covers the basic module as well as advance modules of Python course including machine learning to students. ITDESK deliver the in-depth knowledge of Python including practical workshops and live project based classes. We offers the free demo classes to students.
Android offers a simple yet powerful application development framework and open access to API to build rich mobile applications. It is an operating system for mobile devices. ITDESK is the best android training institute in Jaipur. We offer live project based training on any android phone. Students’ works on project and ITDESK provide them platform to launch apps on server. ITDESK offers the summer training as well as 6 months internship on Android technology for B.Tech and MCA students. We o
Database is a very important part of each organization. ITDESK is one of the best Microsoft SQL Server training institute in Jaipur. In every organization needs a database administrator to manage data. ITDESK offers the  Microsoft SQL Server training for BCA, MCA, and B.Tech students. ITDESK is the only institute in Jaipur which covers all the advance features of DBMS.  
ITDESK is one of the best Advance Excel Training institute in Jaipur. Advance Excel is very power MIS tool. It is basically used to manage data like Data Analyze, Charts, Reports, vlookup, hlookup, creating Macros and Advance level formulas. ITDESK offers the corporate training in Advance Excel for Private and Government department employees. Course Modules Getting Started with Information Analysis and Reporting Gathering and Processing Data for Reports Summarizing Data Analyzing Data for D
 Database is a very important part of each organization. ITDESK is one of the best oracle database training institute in Jaipur. In every organization needs a database administrator to manage data. ITDESK offers the Oracle training for BCA, MCA, and B.Tech students. ITDESK is the only institute in Jaipur which provides all oracle modules training      
  Course Contents                                 Course Contents      Hours     1   Introducing Next Generation Applications      24Hours      2  
WCF is used to develop distributed and enterprise application. ITDESK is the best WCF training institute in Jaipur. WCF is introduced by Microsoft. Course Modules Identify Distributed  Application Architecture Identify COM+ Service Components &  Applications Working with .Net Remoting Working with Web Services Identify WCF Implement Exception Handling & Tracing Log Message and Monitor WCF Service Implementing Serialization and encoding Implement Transactions in WCF Working with Pe
IT Desk is one of the best Java course training institute in Jaipur. Java is an Object oriented, platform independent, robust and secure server side programming language. IT Desk is only the institute who provide live project based learning on Java technology including Console Application, Desktop Application (GUI), and Web Development. In Java technology we cover Core Java and Advance Java. In Advance Java we covers all advance level topics like JSP, Servlets, EJB, spring, & Hibernate. In ITDES
Java is a powerful language for cross-platform, object-oriented application programming. It can be found in many types of applications such as standalone, web, enterprise solutions. It’s one of the most in-demand programming languages, a standard for enterprise software, web-based content, games and mobile apps, as well as the Android operating system. Java is designed to work across multiple software platforms, meaning a program written on Mac OS X, for example, could also run in a Windows en
Dot Net is a popular programming language that is used by several programmers world over. DOT NET is an object-oriented language which is highly secured and portable. There is immense scope in Dot Net Programming as many employers are hunting for Dot Net Programmers. As the world is getting more and more digitized, demand for Microsoft Dot Net programmers is rising tremendously!  Microsoft .NET is a very popular programming language that provides everything required to develop and deploy web s
  course contents                                 Course Contents     1       Introduction to Programming Concepts 2       Representing Programming Logic using Flowcharts 3       Representing Programming Logic using Pseudocod
  course contents                                                        Course Contents Duration 1        Introduction to CCNA 90 hrs 2        Introduction to TCP/IP   3        InterNetworking  


  course contents                              CCA Course Contents      Course Contents        Network Admin    Duration      CCNA 76 hours
  course contents     Course Contents Module 1 Hardware Components Basic PC Assembling Installation Windows and Drivers CD/DVD Drive Repairing SMPS Repairing Motherboard Repa
 While writing program we create data type to store the data. When we declare the data type it is clearly define what kind of data we have to store. Same as in Data Structure & Algorithm we use the different-different data structures to store the data like Stack, Queue, Linked List, Graphs etc. IT DESK is the best Data Structure & Algorithm training institute in Jaipur. Algorithm is a step by step procedure to solve the problem. ITDESK provides the depth practical based training in Data Struct
 Internship Outcomes: ·        Learning of Information Technology ·        Explanation with applications of different types of languages used in Information Technology ·        3 Days workshop on Advance Software or Languages.                                                                             C# S. No.                    
 Tally  is one of the best accounting software. IT DESK is Tally and GST training institute in Jaipur. We provide training on Tally GST course by our experts and covers all major concepts like Accounting, Working with vouchers, Payroll, TDS, Inventory Management, and Filling Returns.  Module – I User Interface and Company Management Masters – Ledgers Masters – Groups Masters – Bill wise Debtors and Creditors Ledger Payment Voucher   Module – II   Day Book in Tall
  PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers: PLC is the controller or hardware in which the program logic is given and inputs and outputs are connected.     SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition: SCADA is the Software which takes the signal from PLC and shows them on a screen visually. It helps to monitor the complete plant from one location.   Course Modules   Basics of Electronics Signal Input & Output Control Systems Wires & Cables Networks & Protocols Circuit
ITDESK is the best Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security training institute in Jaipur. In ITDESK first students undergo the basic fundamentals of networking then they go for the Ethical Hacking course. We provide the live project based training in Ethical Hacking and we use latest and real-time tools . After completion of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking course from ITDESK student can participate for International certifications in Security and Hacking.   Course Modules   Module - I  Netw
ITDESK is the best BigData Hadoop training institute in Jaipur. ITDESK offers the advance level training on BigData like HDFS, MapReduce, PIG, Flume, Spark etc. BigData Hadoop is a framework for storing and processing large voluminous of data in different formats. ITDESK offers the 100% placement assistance. We include live projects with training like e-commerce, banking etc.    
  Course Modules   Module - I   Introduction to Machine Learning & It's Uses Linear Regression and Linear Algebra Linear Regression and Linear Algebra Model Representation, Cost Function, Gradient Descent Matrices and Vectors, Addition and Scalar Multiplication, Inverse and Transpose Gradient Descent for Multiple Variables, Features of Polynomial Regression, Normal Equation   Module -II   Classification of Logistics Regression Cost Function, Simplified Cost Function Regular
IOT stands for Internet of things. ITDESK is the best training institute in IOT. IOT is a network of devices which is used to accumulate, sense and transfer data over internet without any human invention. Using IOT we can controlled and monitor devices from different remote locations. For example automatic door open in malls, Home Automation etc IOT Course Moudules Module - I Introduction to the IOT (Internet of Things) IOT Protocols Different cases of Interactions Basics of Python Program
In order for your business to be there and maintained there, local search engine optimization is the best choice. The affordable SEO we offer for your business will definitely get you to the homepage of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Top SEO companies follow natural search, and organic search results are posts displayed on search engine pages. Depending on the guests or traffic you collect, the higher the ranking that the search engine will provide for your site.   Only whe
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Today, the marketing and promotion industry has undergone a complete revolution due to the use of computers and the Internet. Computers have greatly simplified difficult tasks while automating repetitive tasks. Due to the Internet, geographic boundaries are no longer a constraint on personal connections in another corner of the world. This is widely accepted by computers and the Internet, including science, medicine, engineering and fashion, and has been widely used. Therefore, the field of mark
Corporate Trainings in Jaipur - ITDESK ITDESK offers the corporate trainings in field of Basics of Computer and Advance Excel. MS-Office and Advance Excel is widely used in business and educational environments to create view and edit spreadsheets, documents and presentations.
Summer Training Internship 2019 in Jaipur - ITDESK ITDESK offers the summer training and Industrial training programs for the B.Tech|B.E students. ITDESK covers the following technologies in summer internship programs are: Machine Learning| IoT|Python | BigData Hadoop |ASP.NET with MVC | Android | Spring & Hibernate | Advance PHP etc. Our summer training and Internship program includes: Live Project based training Technical training by experienced faculty and developers Provide platform to
The term MEAN stack refers to a collection of JavaScript based technologies used to develop web applications. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. From client to server to database.   Node.js is a server side JavaScript execution environment. It’s a platform built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime. It helps in building highly scalable and concurrent applications rapidly. Express is lightweight framework used to build web applications in Node. It provid
The software testing to advanced topics like Software configuration management, creating a test plan, test estimations etc. A software testing course is designed by professionals working in a way that, course it will progress from introducing you to. Tester simply tests the software by inputting the data and then checks the output. Performing Black box testing, the tester does not require the knowledge of coding.  Testers require good coding knowledge when they go after an automation testin
 Red Hat System Administration I provides a foundation for students wishing to become full-time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and other enterprise-level tools. These concepts are further developed in the follow-on course, Red Hat System Administration.  



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