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                                                     Course Contents Duration
1        Introduction to CCNA 90 hrs
2        Introduction to TCP/IP  
3        InterNetworking  
4        Cisco’s Internetworking Operating System (IOS) and Security Device Manager (SDM)   
5        Subnetting, Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSMs), and  Troubleshooting TCP/IP  
6        Managing a Cisco Internetwork   
7         IP Routing   
8         Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)  
9        Layer 2 Switching and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)  
10         Virtual LANs (VLANs)     
11        Security 609  
12 Network Address Translation (NAT)  
13 Cisco’s Wireless Technologies  
14 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)   
15 Wide Area Networks    




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